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Springdale Collies and Goldens
Meet our Golden Retrievers,
Sam (left)  and Scout (right), the
newest additions to Springdale. Just
like any new parents, we are taking
tons of pictures and video of our new
babies. This page will be constantly
updated as they grow from little balls
of fluff to adulthood. The video below
is just too cute, and we plan to add
more in the near future.
Even at this early stage, a golden
retriever has a natural instinct to carry
things in its' mouth. Both Sam and Scout
have been encouraged to develop their
retrieving ability. Roz has been training
both of them to bring in the newspaper
each morning, by rolling up a small
newspaper with a rubber band and
giving each pup a newspaper of their
own to carry up the drive. Both pups
awake each day with eager anticipation
of this morning chore!
Goldens are by nature, water dogs. I have
come to think that they were categorized
as dogs in error, and should have been
classed as fish!
At 12 weeks of age (and after they had
received the last of their series of puppy
shots), we began to take Sam and Scout
to a nearby lake.
Training water retrieve is fun for both the
pups and us!
As you can see by the expression of
Scout's face, in the picture on the left,  he
is loving every minute of his early puppy
Golden Retriever Kennel Clubs
Our Golden Retriever puppies are now  
fifteen  months old, we have started their
formal obedience training. Training a
golden retriever is an easy task, as they
are so gentle, intelligent and eager to
please. At this age, we concentrate on
simple basic commands. Teaching to
heel,  come on recall, sit stay, down stay,
and proper manners. Lots of socializing,
and letting them adapt to new
surroundings, new noises, and other
people and pets.
Roz has been teaching them some cute
pet tricks, such as sit pretty, give left paw,
right paw, wave, touch your nose, and
some other tricks as well. They love the
attention, not to mention the treats!

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Beautiful watercolor simulation of
Sam, now at fifteen months old.
Beautiful watercolor simulation of
Scout, now at fifteen months old.
Please come back and visit us often,
as we plan to update our visitors on
all the latest ventures of Sam and
Scout as they continue to grow into