Springdale Collies and Goldens
Choosing the breed that is right for you is very important. Before doing research
on the particular breed of dog you are thinking about bringing home, first do a little
self research. Take a self assessment of your lifestye, your personality, and

Your choice of breeds should be one that compliments all of the above aspects.
Ideally, your new best friend will be a companion that adapts well to your home and

While individual dogs within the same breed vary in temperament, general
characteristics are typical to certain breeds, and as such, can be good guidelines
when making a choice on which breed is suited to you.

Some breeds need lots of room to exercise outdoors, while other breeds can and
do find apartment living perfectly acceptable. If you are an active outdoor sports
kind of person, then choose a companion that loves those activities too. On the
other hand, if you are at your best when curled up on the couch reading a good
book, then choose a breed that would love to cuddle contently for hours in your

Keep in mind, that whatever breed you finally decide on, your influence on the dog
will greatly affect the dog's behavior.  Most of the time, an adult dog's behavior is a
direct result of the amount of time and love, proper nutrition, basic manner
training, and socialization that the pet owner has given to the dog.

If you are considering owning a collie or a golden retreiver, then please go to our
Resources page. There you will find a link to The Collie Club of America, or the
Golden Retreiver Club of America. These sites will provide you with information as
to the conformation of the breed as well as breed characteristics.

With over 150 AKC registered breeds available to choose from, your search for
that special four legged friend can be a wonderful journey into the world of canines.

If your are serious about becoming a new dog owner, then please consider
adopting a rescue pet. Our resource page has a number of links to various dog
rescue leagues throughout the country.
The AKC official website also offers an
extensive list of breed clubs that have rescue dogs available for adoption.

May you find that little ball of fluff, that melts your heart, makes you giggle like a
child with their antics, and grows up to become a faithful and loving companion. A
friend that loves you on your bad hair days, doesn't care how fat or thin you are,
doesn't  notice those age lines around your eyes, and will lick the tears away if
ever they should fall..
adopting a
rescue pet!