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About The Art
Recommended Reading...
"Heritage of Love"

Heritage of love... Noble of heart... Gentle of spirit... Regal of stature... I shall grow to become your faithful companion... your defender... your best friend.

Our Heritage of Love series features watercolor simulation collie art work of rough collie puppies in all four collie colors. Sable Rough Collie Puppy,
Tri-Color Rough Collie Puppy, Blue Merle Rough Collie Puppy, and White Rough Collie Puppy. Combined with these beautiful prints, is the Heritage of
Love verse. Both the artwork and the verse are original Springdale creations. These gifts are one of a kind, and cannot be found at your local mall. Enjoy
the meeting of art and prose with gift that will tug at your heart strings! These original gifts can be found at our shop,
Dogs By Dezign.
Heritage of Love Series
Tile Box,
Tile Coasters,
Framed Prints,
and other
View all our Collie Collectables in our Heritage of Love Gifts
Lassie Come Home_by Eric Knight
More Great
Collie Reads!
Books by Albert Payson Terhune
Collie Films on DVD
Lassie Films on VHS
Lassie Movies on VHS
Recommended Collie Movies...
Lassie Films on DVD
The collie art work that is used in our designs, begins with the excellent photography skills of Roz Phelan. From these photos, we are able to use a variety of techniques to create the unique designs on our products.

Many of Roz's photographs have been untouched and can be purchased on greeting cards, framed prints, magnets, etc. You can find these stunning photos for sale throughout our collie section at Dogs by Dezign.

Nearly all the art work is created from photos of our own collies, a few of the collies that were used for our art were by permission of their owners. We are grateful that they allowed us to use their wonderfully beautiful collies as models for our dezigns.

Both myself (DL) and my partner Roz, are graphic artists. Sometimes we will cartoon, watercolor, or use another form of computer enhancement to create whatever media type we are looking for in a particular design.

Some history of the prints offered here:

"She Waits" is a portrait of Delta Marie. Delta was an adorable rescue collie. She was found roaming the streets of a nearby town by the local animal rescue league. We were contacted about this collie, as we have worked with this league in finding placement homes for collies like Delta. She stole our heart, and we decided to adopt her. One endearing trait that Delta was famous for was her, "wiggle butt" routine. Never a stranger did she meet, and anyone that approaced her could not help but smile, as Delta would wiggle her hindquaters like mad, inviting a pat on the head, and a word of acknowledgment.

"Gone Fishin" is a portrait of Damon. Damon was my (DL) first collie. He was a true adventurist. Always up for a challenge, he never missed the opportunity to discover new things and new people. Damon lived to be almost fifteen before he went on to Rainbow Bridge, where I am sure he is still romping about, seeking out an adventure, and making a new friend.

"Per Chance to Dream" is a portrait of Chance. A beautiful rough blue merle collie that is now a healthy eleven years old. Chance now enjoys the day with his new playmate, Carrie. Carrie is a two month old golden retriever puppy. They get along charmingly, and Carrie has a knack for keeping Chance young. In this lovely watercolor simulation, one can image that Chance is taking a rest after a frolic around the yard with his new young sidekick. Peacefully he sleeps in his wicker basket, "per chance to dream" of his next escapade.

We are constantly updating and adding more designs and products, so remember to bookmark this site, and come back often!

She Waits
Per  Chance to Dream
Among Friends
Gone Fishin'
"She Waits" Incredible collie art of a young tri-color rough collie waiting patiently for the return of her mistress. Gifts that any Collie Lover will treasure always. This print comes on a variety of merchandise.
"Per Chance to Dream" incredible blue merle rough collie art print. Wonderful gifts, on a variety of collie lover merchandise.
"Among Friends" Beautiful watercolor simulation depicts a blue merle collie and his tri color companion among the pink azeilas. Fine art gifts. Variety of merchandise in this print.
Gone Fishin'.Beautiful watercolor simulation has the look of vintage collie art. "Gone Fishin'" is an original Dogs by Dezign creation. This print is on a variety of merchandise. Gifts to treasure.
Product Information

Prints are perfect for the home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. Framed prints are matted and framed in a stylish black frame with plexiglass cover. Frames include complete backing. Frame size: 15" x 19"

Large Framed Prints
All of these collie art prints
come in a variety of
merchandise items. Gifts for
every occasion, or treat
yourself. Housewares and
Apparel with these unique and
original designs.
rough sable collie puppy
rough blue merle collie
rough tri-color collie puppy
rough tri-factored white collie puppy
Greeting Cards
Tote Bags,
and More!
Welcome to Springdale's Collie Art Gallery. We have showcased some
of the fine art that can be found at our Dogs by Dezign shop. As collie
owners and lovers for nearly twenty years, our collie section at Dogs by
Dezign is one of the largest sections devoted to our breed online today.
Whether you are looking for collie gifts for Christmas presents, or
wanting to treat yourself and add to your collection of collie
collectibles... you can find unique collie merchandise here that you
won't find elsewhere. We offer quality products, all with the assurity of
a 30 day money back guarantee, and an excellent Cafe Press service
The collie... most magnificent of breeds... a beauty beyond compare...
gentlest of souls... you have captured our hearts forever!
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