Springdale Collies and Goldens
The Collies
Commander Scott
U-CD Clan's Jewel In
The Crown CDX
U-CDX Clan's I Doo
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U-CD Sir Matthew
Damon UD
U-CDX Prince
Charles Domain UD
 Dana      &      Dezi
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Collies Have Obedient Hearts!
Comedian dogs, spectacular
dogs, gloriously human dogs...
Collies of every phase of heart
and brain and soul...
Among you, you have taught
me more of  true loyalty and
patience and courtesy,
and divine forgiveness and solid
sanity and fun
and a hundred other
worth-while lessons....
than all the masters I have
studied under.

Albert Payson Terhune
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This page is filled with pictures of all the
Springdale Collies, both past and present.
In addition to being couch potatoes and loyal
companions, our collies are working dogs. Three
of our collies earned an AKC Utility Dog title. In
all, Springdale collies have earned to date, 17
obedience titles in both AKC and UKC events.
Many first place finishes, and even some High In
Our collies have been introduced to agility,
tracking, and search and rescue. Scotty was also
a great carting dog, and a hit in many a parade.
He also made school children laugh at his tricks
and comical nature in school demonstrations.
The "Collies at Work and Play" page is full of action packed pictures of our collies living their lives to the fullest. We have always believed that a dog will live a longer and happier life when it is allowed to use its' body and its' brain to the fullest of the dog's capabilities.
On this page you see Darin and Scotty. Sometimes in your life, if you are really, really lucky, you will have that one special dog, that will bless and enrich your life, that bonds so closely to you that they almost become an extension of yourself. Scotty was that special dog for Roz.....Darin was that for DL. This page is dedicated to their memory, as well as Damon, Doobie, Ruby, Delta, Demi, Ziggy, Lindzay, Patches,Demi and Flag.... they are all waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge.
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Heritage of love... Noble of heart... Gentle of spirit... Regal of stature... I shall grow to become your faithful companion... your defender... your best friend.
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Recommended Reading...
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Collie License Plate
Both Roz, and I (DL) have owned and loved
collies most of our lives. For us, the collie is, and
will always be,  the most beautiful, loving, and
loyal of dogs. Neither of us can imagine our lives
without the companionship of this most
magnificent of breeds.
Everytime we go out with our collies for a walk,
someone stops to admire their beauty. Nearly as
many times, they will recall to us the days of their
youth, and the collie they had as a pet.
Remarkable stories of the heroics of their faithful
collie are frequent in their past reminicenses
they share with us.
We are not at all surprised by such tales, as the
collie heart will lead them to such ends to protect
and defend their masters.
As such is their temperment, the collie has been
depicted in several books and movies.
We still enjoy our collection of Albert Payson
Terhunes books. Lassie was immortalized by
Eric Knight.
Below we have included some links to our
favorite collie books, and movies.
"Childhood Memories" takes you back to the days of your youth, a simplier time, reflect and find peace in it's beauty. Beautiful keepsake gifts to treasure in a variety of beautiful merchandise.
Life with a Collie!
In times of stress, when the world seems to be spinning at a whirlwind pace, take a moment to reflect on the days of your youth... a time of innocence, a time of simplicity... a time when the most important thing on your mind was the backyard swing, a sunny day, a gentle breeze, an imaginary friend, and the faithful companionship of your pet. Let your mind drift back in time...stay there a while, in that "special place"....as the weight of the world begins to lift, and you will be relaxed and ready to face the day.
How many of us can relate to these lovely photographs that are a part of our "Childhood Memories" collection? As a child growing up,
some of us were fortunate to have a collie for a companion. Ever watchful, protective, and always the perfect Nana... our playmate would
tolerate any amount of our foolishness. Whether we would play, "dress up" the collie, or some other silly game, our adoring collie would be
right there by our side. We strived to capture those moments in our keepsake gifts to treasure.
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Collies in Art / Photography
"Hiding In The Woodpile"  (left)
can be found at
Inspirations of the
another of our Springdaleshops.com
network of gift shops.
(Right) Beautiful watercolor simulation has the look of vintage collie art. "Gone Fishin'" is an original Dogs by Dezign creation. See all products with this print.