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Welcome to Springdale's Chatter Box!!
If your looking for a good place to chat with other animal lovers of all kinds, then you have
come to the right place!
This is the part of our website that we have built to be able ot interact with our visitors,
and for our visitors to be able to ineract with one another. Animal lovers of all kinds can
meet and greet each other from here.
Our chat room is open 24/7 for the use and enjoyment of our guests. Sometimes the chat
room is empty, so please join us in the forum, where you can post and read messages
from other animal lovers around the world. We would love you to join our growing list of
members that use our site as a meeting place.
Our chat is for lovers of every size and shape of creature of animal. If you want to chat
about your collie or golden retriever, or even your goat, cat, rat, horse, or other pet, then
join our group.
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Our Stores
Goats and Goldens is a
store owned by a good
friend of ours. She has
some great gift ideas for
both goat lovers and
golden retriever lovers.
Just type in your chosen user name (at least 3 letters) and press chat! You do not need a
password or need to register to use. If you like chatting here, make sure to tell others to meet
you here at Springdale's Chatter Box!
If you find that no one is in the chat room, please go to our forum, as you can post messages
after joining and get replies. It is a fun and informative way to meet others that share your love
for animals.
In the future we plan to set aside a time to formally meet here in the chat room.
If you were looking for a dog forum, a cat forum, a goat, horse, or even pig forum... then
please come join our pet forum that is all of these combined. We at Springdale, are simply
animal lovers. Our website and our stores are all about animals and that human bond to every
kind of creature. It is amazing how we as humans can become so attached to our pets, no
matter what kind. Our pet community is full of just these kind of people.
You can upload pics, post questions, introduce yourself, and find a whole new set of friends
that feel just the same as you to about your pet.
It is our hope that we can provide a healthy atmosphere and just plain have fun.
Just click on the following link, and come on in. Meet you there!
We really appreciate the
time you have taken to
visit our site, we would
love to hear from you.
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